We've Interviewed 150+ Global Leaders In The Vegan, Plant-Based Health, & Environmental Movments
To Discover The Fastest Way To Stop Animal Exploitation, End Factory Farming, and Transition The World To Sustainable Plant-Based Agriculture

Why Support Creating a Vegan World Documentary?

For the past 3 years...

We've interviewed 100s of global leaders in the vegan movement.

Our team identified the fastest way to end factory farming and transition the world to sustainable plant-based agriculture.

While other documentaries encourage people to go vegan directly, Creating a Vegan World will:

   1. Motivate more vegans to be activists in their own form

   2. Inspire existing activists to be 1,000x more effective

Having more empowered activists will bring about animal liberation decades faster.

Through our expert interviews and captivating footage, we are making a film that's informative and entertaining for vegans and non-vegans alike.

How Can We Rapidly Accelerate The Growth Of The Vegan Movement?

The answer to that question is…Leverage.

One lawsuit in the U.K. turned Ethical Veganism into a protected class, just like religion.
Now, all public institutions (schools, hospitals, prisons, and even workplaces) are required by law to provide vegan meals to ethical vegans when requested.

   1. No laws were changed

   2. Governments did not have to pass new legislation to make this happen

This is just 1 example of how a single leveraged action can create a massive ripple effect throughout all of society.

And be 1,000x more effective than holding signs on the streets or making another social media post to promote animal rights.

Those tactics work, but we need to add these new tools to our arsenal to bring the vegan movement to the next level.

We uncovered 100s of these leverage points that need to come to light so we can create a vegan world faster.

For example…

 How 1 street activist turned a 60-second protest into a viral piece of content that has led 15 million people to learn more about veganism.
 The social dynamics strategy that led 1 professor to make his university catered lunches vegan by default (with no resistance from the staff).
 How 2 men are leading a financial activism movement that seeks to funnel more than $3 Trillion into the vegan economy.
 50% of vegans and vegetarians eventually go back to eating meat. And what we can do to retain new vegans for the long haul.
Meet The Team
We've Built The Team...

Between our core team members, dozens of film industry specialists, media connections, and countless advisors - we have all the necessary skills to make this film a big hit.

Andrew J. Alexander
Producer, Co-Director: After going vegan in 2017, Andrew co-launched a vegan meal delivery business which served more than 30,000 plant-based meals to people transitioning to a vegan diet. With close to 8 billion people and 195 different countries in the world, Andrew soon realized that one business in itself is not going to turn the world vegan. So he began interviewing people from all different parts of the world and all different areas of society in search for what it would take to create a world with 8 billion vegans in it. And more importantly, what can he do to help accelerate this transition. He now works full time on completing this documentary by the end of 2023.
Sarah Martin 
Co-Director: Sarah Martin is a professionally trained vegan chef and author. She was raised on a vegetable nursery in the Midwest and has spent most of her adult life working in the food industry. Sarah has been an asset to successful restaurants in Nashville, Boca Raton, Denver, and Paris, while also catering to private clientele. She received most of her training in Europe, and also spent time working on a high end vegetable retreat farm in Normandy. Sarah has joined as co-director of Creating a Vegan World documentary to discover how to expand her role in the vegan movement.
Cortney Palm
Associate Producer: Cortney Palm is an award-winning, American film actress, animal rights activist and vegan. Best known for her work in the horror film genre Cortney has decided to branch out and join impactful films like Creating a Vegan World documentary. She is very excited to be a part of this documentary and has come on as an associate producer to create magic in order to shed some much needed light on the inner workings of how to create a more harmonic, peaceful and sustainable world. It can be done! She won Best Supporting Actress for a vegan film called Herringbone and is currently co-writing a drama piece with the Herringbone writer/director, based on the true events of the Mexican cartel and the endangered Vaquita porpoise.
The Creating a Vegan World Story...

2020 - 2021

Beginning in October 2020, we've interviewed more than 150 global leaders in the vegan, plant-based health, and environmental movements.

Through these zoom interviews, phone calls, and in-person meetings; we've built out the storyline for the film and discovered the way we can benefit the vegan movement the most.
Other vegans began learning from these messages and applied these principles to their unique line of work to be more effective.

Our combined social media platforms have spread this message to more than 300,000 people to date.

February 2022

Our successful Kickstarter campaign allowed us to get professional Streaming Platform-Approved camera and audio equipment.

Now, we are empowered to turn Creating a Vegan World into a full length documentary.

Throughout 2022 and 2023, We've Filmed More Than 36 Expert Interviews & Dozens Of Events For Creating a Vegan World


The Animal Rights movement is dedicated to liberating the trillions of animals who get killed every year for human consumption. This is a combined effort that requires people from all walks of life to be a part of the solution. From Members of Parliament, Fashion Models, Street Activists, Psychologists, Interior Designers, Vegan Businesses - We thank the countless groups and individuals who allowed us to document your efforts for the world to see.
Creating a Vegan World Australia


Even if the rest of the world goes vegan, Asia has one of the fastest growing populations where meat consumption is projected to increase. When more people begin to rise out of poverty into the middle class, this typically causes an increase in meat consumption. We discovered how The Indonesia Tempe Movement is providing affordable and accessible plant-based proteins to remote regions of the world, at a price point that is up to 8 times more affordable than beef.


Most governments are heavily influenced by the animal agriculture industry and fight the creation of plant-based alternatives. Singapore is a small island nation with only 1% of their land suitable for farming. We followed their "30 by 30" imitative to increase domestic food production to 30% by the year 2030 and how the government is actually supporting new innovative agriculture industries.

North America

On July 27th, 2023 - The Vegan World Films team has been invited to film the Animal & Vegan Advocacy Summit in Los Angeles which brings more than 80 speakers and 700 attendees under one roof to create lasting systemic change and remove animals from the food chain.

Now We Are Uniting A Global Movement
To Save Animals Across The World

Europe & United Kingdom

When we want to decrease meat consumption around the world, wouldn't it be best to learn from places that have already achieved a decrease in meat consumption? In August 2023, we are scheduled to discover what is causing this decrease in meat consumption in certain parts of the UK and EU so we can spread these effective strategies across the world..

Creating The First 100% Vegan Hospital In The World - Lebanon

Hayek Hospital is the first 100% vegan hospital in the world that not only serves 100% plant-based dishes, but also removed medications that were tested on animals, swapped out the materials to include all-vegan furniture. We will document the 2-year transition process that will help turn more hospitals plant-based.

South America

We live in a diverse world. From the multi-millionaires who can afford the first lab grown meat burger for $250,000 to people who struggle to put food on the table in developing countries. We're showcasing how one couple is transforming more than 3,000 free food points across south America to begin serving plant-based meals instead of animal products.


With more than 1.4 billion people in the African region and abundant wildlife, it's important to discover how humans and animals can coexist alongside one another.

Now We Are Offering You To Be Part Of Creating A Vegan World Documentary

This documentary is funded by our savings, donations, and crowdfunding from the vegan community as a whole. We are 75% of the way finished with production and are currently offering the following in exchange for helping us cross the finish line.

Be The First To Watch This Film Before It's Publicly Released

Receive a private screening of this film online (accessible anywhere in the world). Whether you can contribute a large donation or just a couple of dollars. Every little bit helps.

Receive A Free Copy Of The Book "Solving The Vegan Puzzle"

We interviewed hundreds of people to discover the fastest way way to end factory farming, eradicate animal exploitation, and transition the world to sustainable plant-based agriculture. Not every interview is able to fit into a 90-minute film so we are packaging the contents into this book. When it's published, you will receive a free PDF copy of the book.

See Your Name In The Credits of This Vegan Documentary

Watch your name roll through the closing credits of Creating a Vegan World documentary while you watch this film with your friends and family; knowing that you played a vital role in making this film possible.

Our team has been working tirelessly on producing this film for the past three years. We're confident we can do everything from producing a great film, getting distribution, and being seen by millions of people so we can hopefully create a vegan world decades faster. The only thing that can ensure this film is released on schedule is by achieving our current crowdfunding goals, with the help of you. Thank you so much in advance for your support.

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